National Disaster Photo Rescue partners with Oklahoma volunteers to rescue and return photos lost in the Moore tornado

MOORE, Okla. — Some of the photos are crumpled. Others coated in crud. But what the monster tornado couldn’t obliterate are the memories captured in the images.

A girl playing kitchen with her pink toy stove.

Colleagues clowning around the office.

A father posing with his young girls at a daddy-daughter dance.

Angela Madory examines photos she recovered. (Jason Sickles/Yahoo News)

“These are things insurance can’t replace,” says Amy Habegger-Pierce.

Habegger-Pierce, her mother-in-law and a friend were scavenging downtown Moore for photos on Wednesday.

Like crime scene detectives, they wore rubber gloves and gently rummaged through debris left by Monday’s 200-mph twister, which damaged or destroyed 13,000 homes.

“It’s hard to tell if it is trash or a picture until you flip it over,” Habegger-Pierce said.

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Volunteers rescue photos from Oklahoma tornado debris
Yahoo! News (blog)
Both women are teaming up with National Disaster Photo Rescue, a nonprofit started by Thad Beeler after the deadly Joplin, Mo., tornado   

Source: NDPR  

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