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CARTHAGE, Mo. — A photo rescue operation based in Carthage that helped salvage and return thousands of pictures after the 2011 tornado in Joplin is reaching out to storm victims in Moore, Okla.

“We have people down there in Moore already collecting photos for us, and we’ll be going down to train the community to help itself (this) week,” said Thad Beeler, minister of music at First Baptist Church in Carthage and director of National Disaster Photo Rescue, which is based at the church.  Click here to read entire article…

Joplin photo rescue effort gears up to help Moore storm victims
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National Disaster Photo Rescue will have a claim day from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 8, at   

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Claim Form Checklist

Things you will need to submit photo claims:
The number on the photo. Example: 001-001-001. All of these numbers designate where we have the photos stored. We can't locate your photos without it! If you can't read the number on the photo, then make a note of that and tell us the number of the photo before or after it.
A description of the photo. This helps us to make sure that we are pulling the correct photo for you. If you can remember anything that was written on the back of the photo, please include that information.
A good contact method for you! We require a phone number, but we can also contact you by email if you wish. If we can't get ahold of you, we can't get your picture back to you!
Please Click Here to Fill Out a Claim Form: Joplin Claim Form
Please note, the claim form will open in a new tab on your browser so that you can work on it while you look through photos.